UK Pirates Face Disconnection


It has been confirmed that internet piracy in the UK is to become an offence punishable by internet disconnection for the offender.

Pirate Bay

TGDaily is reporting that Peter Mandelson has confirmed that the UK is to pass legislation that would see repeat offenders disconnected from the internet. As had been discussed before, those users found to be guilty of illicit activity (copyright infringement being the most obvious example) conducted over the internet will be issued with a warning before facing disconnection.

Of course, for now there’s no clear indication of just how strict the disconnection will be. At the moment, in those cases where an ISP can disconnect a user, it tends to be based on the sheer amount that people tend to download. As a result, disconnecting a user from one service tends to result in that user simply moving to a new ISP.

As you might expect, the whole thing is going to take a while to come into play. If the folks over at TGDaily are to be believed then the legislation won’t actually hit until early 2011.

The other big question is how this is going to effect those of us in Ireland, where, let’s face it, we have a bit of a piracy culture of our own. While we’re not talking disconnection yet, the fact that Eircom (which remains our largest ISP) is blocking the Pirate Bay is indicative of a different approach to copyright infringement over here.


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