Yahoo Admits It’s Boring


Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz has come out and said what a lot of people have been thinking about Yahoo for a while now; Yahoo has somehow managed to become a pretty stale name.

yahoo logo

According to a Cnet report, Bartz was open and frank about the company’s position at the moment, saying that, “Yahoo was the big shining star in the mid-1990s and mid-2000s, and then somehow we weren’t so shiny anymore.” It’s no real surprise that Yahoo is being so honest, given its recent push to rebrand itself as a kind of universal homepage rather than a search engine.

Yahoo has revealed some interesting facts about its recent redesgin too, pointing out that the new homepage (which boasts support integration with Facebook and news feeds, for those curious about such things) has managed to increase the average amount of time spent on the site by fully 20%.

Of course, the real question will be whether or not that increased time-on-site will be maintainable as the new layout starts to sink in. It’s entirely possible that Yahoo’s in the average time spent looking at the homepage is being bumped by the curiosity and general confusion about the new setup.

Once the new homepage is properly established and we start to see just how big an impact it’s had on Yahoo’s business then we’ll have some far more interesting statistics. Still, it’s hard to avoid the massive impact that Bart’s statement about Yahoo’s current state has when she says, “We are a 14-year-old Internet company that somehow got boring.”

Anyone interested in more details about just what Yahoo is doing should check out the Cnet article on it. There’s an awful lot of detail on Yahoo’s ongoing attempt to rebrand itself as a kind of an ultimate homepage, rather than a search page.


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