Apple Sued Over Cameras


It’s come to light that Apple is currently involved in court proceedings brought by St Clair Intellectual Property consultants over its use of digital camera equipment.

iPod Series

Of course, as with so very many patent cases, the whole thing seems to hang fairly tenuously. TG Daily is reporting that the patent Apple is said to have infringed relates to “Electronic Still Video Camera with Direct Personal Computer Digital Format Output.” Strangely enough, it seems that there’s no reason why the vagueness might mean anything good for Apple. The same company has apparently got a long history of winning court cases.

They’ve already managed to get $25 million out of Sony for the same patent, and Sony has long been considered a company likely to drown patent suits in near infinite litigation (a reputation it likely gleaned from its dealings with Immersion, and a seemingly endless case about force feedback that was likely the real reason the PlayStation 3 launched without force feedback).

Similarly, they’ve been successful in their dealings with Fuji/Fujifilm, managing t successfully acquire another $3 million or so dollars.

So, it seems that the company has a long and fairly illustrious history of winning patent suits, and Apple is the next port of call. Perhaps the biggest issue Apple might draw with the whole thing is that the patents in question concern, “Electronic Still Video Camera with Direct Personal Computer Digital Format Output.” One wonders how far the “No, no. It’s not a PC, it’s a Mac,” argument might get them in this case.

Either way, feathers will likely fly. It’ll be interesting to see just what’s pulled this case out of the woodwork, but we’d imagine it’s very likely the addition of cameras to the current generation of iPod Nanos. Still, we’re curious to see how the two meet in court… Apple has a litigious side to it too, so this could be an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.


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