Apple Updates iTunes, Kills Palm Support [Again]


Apple has released a new update to its iTunes media player, adding colour options to its “grid view” and better “additional accessibility support.” The real news though, is that it blocks Palm again.


Not so fast, Palm 😦

For those who didn’t catch it the first time around, Palm’s smartphone, the Pre, had been considered by many to be one of the few devices capable of wresting Apple’s iPhone dominance from it. Of course, when Apple realised that one of the big draws for the Pre was its iTunes support, things got a bit dicey, and Apple stepped up with an iTunes update to block Palm devices.

The problem is that Palm then just decided to update its WebOS so that the Pre simply appeared to be an iPod as far as iTunes was concerned. What’s particularly strange is that Palm then went to the USB Implementers’ Forum to plead its case and was basically told, “What you’re doing is wrong, stop it.”

Palm later issued another update to WebOS to make sure that iTunes functionality was restored to Pre users… a move that you can imagine took fairly badly. Now, with the release of iTunes 9.0.2 we’re into some pretty shakey territory.

It certainly seems to be the belief over at PreCentral that the fact that iTunes 9.0.2 has been release close to the scheduled release of Palm’s WebOS version 1.3 means that they won’t have to wait long to have iTunes functionality added to the device again.

The only question left now is whether or not they’ll keep up the cat and mouse game or if Palm will get in any more serious trouble with the USB IF, which has the potential to cause all kinds of headaches.


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