Sony Issues AC Adaptor Recall


Sony has opted to voluntarily issue a recall of some of its AC adaptors, which have been found to be posing a danger of shocking users.

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Anyone with a notebook in the past few years might well remember Sony’s last recall debacle, when batteries manufactured by the Japanese giant were recalled en masse due to the risk of explosion. Back then the losses incurred by a mass recall were considered to be so very high that Sony could very well have been put into a financial situation that would cause it to go out of business.

This news of a recall isn’t nearly as bad, by comparison. The new issue effects only the AC adaptors used in Sony’s own all-in-one Vaio desktops and in some of its docking stations for Vaio laptops. The big issue with the last recall was that it concerned batteries that Sony had made for other companies, whereas this latest should only effect users of the above Sony products.

This latest recall should only effect around 69,000 units, which isn’t so bad. If you’re at all interested there’s a solid writeup on the situation with the AC adaptors in the US from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, which you can check out here.

The Product Safety Commission lists the issue as being, “Insulation inside the AC adapter can fail over time, posing an electrical shock hazard to consumers. It then goes on to point out that Sony has already received four reports of the adaptors short circuiting… which makes it sound as thought this voluntary recall might not be nearly as fast coming as it could have been.


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