Connectify Turns Win7 Notebooks into Wireless Hotspots


Users with Windows 7 based notebooks can now take advantage of a free application, called Connectify, that will allow their notebook to act as a wireless connectivity point.

Connectify Logo

According to the folks over at PCAdvisor, the functionality that Connectify relies on to create a wireless hotspot is a combination of Connectify itself and some never-quite-finished Windows 7 features. Nomadio, the company behind Connectify, CEO Alex Gizis describes just how the functionality came to be in Windows 7 without being usable, saying,

“A year ago, Microsoft talked a lot about this as a big feature in Windows 7… but driver support didn’t get finished. The low-level code is in there, but the driver level stuff isn’t. And there’s no app or setting in Windows to turn it on.”

So, with the feature embedded in some form in the versions of Windows 7 that people have been… y’know, actually buying and installing, Connectify offers users the ability to actually use that functionality. Moreover, this isn’t just like connection sharing from another source, as no doubt some are already doing with 3G devices.

Essentially, the Connectify setup allows you to split a card, allowing you to connect to a wireless network and then set up a second connection to offer access to the same source. They point out that it’s a lot like tethering, but working in the opposite direction to the way you might immediately imagine.

It’s an interesting concept, certainly, and while it’s free while it’s in beta, you’d do well to pick it up as soon as you can.


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