Apple Rejects iPhone Guide for Using the Word iPhone


Apple has amassed some apps from its App Store for loose enough grounds, but it’s added to that list today, blocking an ebook that is a book about the iPhone as a device… on the grounds that it contains the word “iPhone.”


Word comes from Engadget of the latest app shot down by Apple’s confusingly arbitrary App Store approval process, which is perhaps the most confusing rejection yet. Perhaps most worrying for the people at Apple is that the grounds on which the new app has been blocked are already violated by any number of other apps.

The example that Engadget uses is David Pogue’s “iPhone: The Missing Manual,” which not only contains the word iPhone, but has “iPhone” written on the icon for the app itself. It’s usually interesting to see the speed at which Apple appears to fix these kinds of issues once they become a public affair (by which we mean, an embarrassment). We imagine that the app’s creator will be contacted in fairly short order, but having to kick up a fuss over apps being denies until they’re allowed is hardly ideal.

This latest situation only deepens the confusion surrounding the App Store approval process, which had already been dubious enough in the last couple of months when we saw a dictionary rejected for containing swearwords already in dictionaries available on the App Store.


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