Ireland Leads Twitter Lists Project


It seems as though Ireland is at the forefront of one of the most ambitious and perhaps interesting Twitter projects going. The good folks over at SimplyZesty are using Twitter’s new “Lists” functionality to list all of the users from a single country.

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It’s amusing, and certainly an interesting project. The folks over at TechCrunch have some of the more interesting details, but it’s well worth noting that the Twitter list they’ve built for Ireland was assembled by hand, a fact likely made easier by the fact that Ireland has so small a population relative to other countries they’re rolling national lists out in.

Prime examples of this are the UK and the US, where users looking to be included on their own national lists are forced to tweet, “I want to get listed #TwitterX” where “X” is the name of their county or state (in the UK and US, respectively). It’s a very interesting prospect, to have a unified list of all of the users in a single country, but for now it’s likely in its infancy.

I happen to manage two Twitter accounts, neither of which seem to be listed under SimplyZesty’s Ireland list, so we might just have to wait for it to catch up on us. It seems very likely though that these lists could well be used by unscrupulous marketers to use Twitter to advertise directly (perhaps using @messages) at users they know to be within a certain region…

Seen in that light it’s a little less pleasant, but we’ll not be passing any judgement on it in that regard until we actually see something negative happen. For now, we’re mostly just interested to see how it all works out. We’re curious to see how they get around the 500 user limit on lists too, given that there are certainly more than 500 twitter users in Ireland alone.


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