Microsoft Blames Pirated Win7 for Malware Issues


Microsoft has come out and placed the blame for the plague of Windows 7 malware infections on users running pirated copies of its latest operating system, rather than genuine users.

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Microsoft’s group manager for its “Malware Protection Centre,” Jeff Williams, has described the ongoing malware issue as one that users in certain regions are far more likely to encounter than in others, specifically, regions with high numbers of pirated copies of Windows in play. It’s a fairly interesting theory, and one that he seems fairly quick to back up with solid evidence.

According to Williams, the whole issue stems from high numbers of users running Microsoft’s new OS without grabbing the necessary updates. This means that they’re at far greater risk of malware infection than users who are properly up-to-date and secure.

TomsHardware points out fairly neatly that the big question mark in this whole situation hangs over those users who’ve been put off updating by Windows Genuine Advantage. There’s a fairly substantial proportion of legitimate Windows users who, for one reason or another, don’t want to have to interact with Windows Genuine Advantage unless absolutely necessary. For the less tech-savvy among us, that can often mean just avoiding Microsoft’s updates altogether… which we understand isn’t the wisest thing to do.

The real question then becomes whether or not the damage to Microsoft’s reputation done by people with legitimate users who, in attempts to evade the Windows Genuine Advantage business, make themselves more prone to malware attacks, is worth the pirates that Windows Genuine Advantage manages to convince to buy the OS.


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