Transformers 2 to Launch on USB Stick


With many claiming that Blu-Ray will be the last form of physical media we see film distributed on, the news that Transformers 2 is to launch on a piece of flash memory is both welcome and a little scary.

Transformers Logo

The device/storage/film (it’s hard to know how to word things sometimes when they’re still at the edge of release) is set to launch in association with Kingston, which will be providing the media itself. While we’ve seen Disney launch movies on SD cards in Japan for distribution with disc-based copies, Transformers is to launch both as part of a package deal with a disc and for sale on its own.

This is an interesting, and we’d imagine potentially extremely profitable, move from Kingston, but it’s perhaps more interesting still for Paramount, the publisher behind Transformers 2. For those who missed it, yesterday we reported on a letter in which Paramount highlighted the difficulty of making money in a world where internet piracy is on the rise and piracy web sites strive to look as legitimate as possible.

With Paramount seeming to think that a big part of the issue is the convenience of digital media, it follows that these digital copies of films more likely to be pirated be released. Talking to TomsGuide, Paramount Digital Entertainment general manager Alex Carloss said that,

“This agreement enables PDE to make available its entertainment offerings on USB and SD cards. As more and more movies are viewed on computers and other portable devices, having a relationship with Kingston will become increasingly important to Paramount for years to come.”

It’ll be interesting to see how well these are received, but I’m curious to see just how many people can make space in their living room for another device. I’m happy I’ve made it through this whole post without a single dreadful pun about this “transforming the face of media.”


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4 Responses to “Transformers 2 to Launch on USB Stick”

  1. Will Knott Says:

    Maybe no need for a new device. I’ve seen quite a few DVD players with USB ports, some with SD card slots too.

  2. Will Knott Says:

    Well it depends on the format, but I know my cheapie can play .avi files, and decode mp3 and mp4.

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