Windows 7 Release Spurs PC Sales


As many industry analysts had predicted, the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, has seen sales of PC hardware bounce back, surpassing even some of the more optimistic expectations.

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Indeed, for the week ending October 24th, that is to say, the week Windows 7 launched, PC sales were up 40% compared to the same period last year. Moreover, Windows 7 was only available for the last two days of that week, so we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that sales had been ever more impressive for the following week.

According to a report in BusinessInsider, that’s not just a bounce up to 40% over last year, but a bounce up to 40% more than the same period of last year when the weeks before had seen a fairly steady decline to 30% less than last year’s figures.

It has of course been pointed out that, there was always going to be a fairly significant slump in the weeks before the new version of Windows launched, and that that would only be highlighted by the heights to which sales climbed after Windows 7 came out, but there had been some fairly substantial worries that Windows Vista would have burned even the average consumer just enough to ensure they’d wait on Windows 7 out of fear of another Vista.

It seems though that that’s not been the case, with Microsoft’s particularly open beta testing of Windows 7 likely to receive the credit for ensuring that word got out about Windows 7 being a different animal to Windows Vista. That, combined with the fact that XP is starting to show its age at eight years old, has gone a long way towards speeding adoption of Windows 7, and with it, sales of new PCs.


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