Firefox 3.6 to Release Before 2010


Mozilla has confirmed that the official release of it’s upcoming update to its Firefox web browser (which will bring the software to version 3.6) will hit before the end of the year.


Many had been concerned about the almost two month delay of the browser’s release when it slid from the beginning of September without, any official word on when it’d appear, before eventually showing up in late October. Still, Mozilla seems both optimistic and determined to have its latest browser update completed in time for the end of the year.

Mozilla’s own VP of engineering, Mike Shaver, discussed the upcoming release in an interview with Cnet, saying that the company is, “still looking at a release candidate in November and release in December at this point.”

It’s at least pleasant to hear that they’re going to be pushing out multiple updates to users who’ve opted to check out the beta of Firefox 3.6, and we do recommend people check out the beta, if only to have a quick look at the new Persona feature for quickly reskinning your browser in a fashion that Google Chrome fans will recognise immediately.

Shaver went on to point out that Mozilla has always been more “quality driven” than “time driven,” but that they’re aware of the fact that timing is important to both users and competitiveness.

The fact that everyone seems to be avoiding mentioning is that Firefox, excellent browser though it is, has a long and rich history of delayed releases, not least of which the jump from Firefox 3.0 to Firefox 3.5 (which many will remember as some fairly dark days in browsing). During that time it doubtless lost ground to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Google’s Chrome, Opera and Safari… Still, we’ve got our fingers crossed for a nice, Christmas release of the new build of Firefox.


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