Microsoft Cuts 800 Staff


Microsoft has cut fully 800 staff as part of its efforts to reduce its total workforce by around 5,000 before the middle of 2010.

microsoft logo

TechFlash reported earlier in the week that unofficial but reliable sources had confirmed that the company was to announce this latest move to cut what they had said would be just under 1,000 staff towards the end of this week. Microsoft has since officially announced that it’s dropped 800 people, though the announcement itself tries to be fairly positive about it, saying that,

“Earlier this year, we announced that in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency and prioritise our focus areas, we would eliminate approximately 5,000 positions by June 2010. Today, we are eliminating around 800 positions spread across multiple businesses and locations and have completed our reduction plan sooner than we had anticipated 1 months ago. At the same time, we continue to hire in priority ideas, but also understand that continuing to manage our business closely, as we always do, can mean additional headcount adjustments.”

If nothing else this move can just be considered a sign of the times, given the state of the economy at the moment. It’s fairly interesting to see the language that Microsoft has used in its announcement… layoffs and firings aren’t mentioned at all. Instead it’s all about “eliminations” and “additional headcount adjustments.”

Microsoft is starting to sound suspiciously as though it were run by heartless assassins.


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