Apple to Keep Intel Atom Support


Reports earlier in the week that Apple had made moves to cull support for Intel’s Atom line of netbook processors, some felt in an attempt to kill off the rampant “hackintoshing” of netbooks like Dell’s Mini 10.


Anyway, the most recent development has been that Apple looks to have made a bit of an about-face on the whole thing and decided that Atom support is something it probably wants to keep around. There’s a couple of reasons that this is interesting, not least of which the fact that it’s led to speculation that Apple might well be playing around with some of Intel’s low-power mobile processors in an upcoming piece of hardware, perhaps a netbook or the now practically certain Apple Tablet.

For now, the good news is that those running hackintoshed netbooks (not that we can possibly encourage that kind of flaunting of the legality involved in getting them going) will still be able to get the upcoming updates when they’re released, which is very good news indeed, given the issues that people are seeing crop up in Snow Leopard.

The other interesting point that this whole business raises is that Apple seems to be avoiding taking a very direct show against the hackintosh community. The fact is that the hackintosh setup is always going to be nearly perfect at best, even if the only thing keeping it from being exactly like running a normal Mac is the fact that you have some headaches on installation… it wouldn’t be too surprising to hear that people who play around with hackintoshed machines are more likely to eventually pick up an Apple-built Mac.


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