Cheer up, it’s Almost the Weekend


Good afternoon all, as well most of you who read the blog regularly will know, we like to post something towards the end of the day on Friday that’s just for laughs because, let’s face it, there are days when the last couple of hours on a Friday just drags on forever.

We find that it prevents people who are too close to the brink falling over the edgy and going on a Lobster-fist powered rage at the start of the weekend, as shown in Figure 1:

This file was titled lobsterragefistinstructions.gif

Figure 1: The last thing anyone needed was instructions

While we’re on the subject of buzzkillers, I’ve been informed that I’m no longer allowed to promise people that they’ll smile, but I can offer a guarantee that you’ll be happier after you’ve had a quick look over the post (caution: not a guarantee).

Anyway, we’ll move on from that to something truly superb. I’m not sure who this man is, but I think he might very much be my new hero. He is, in many ways, exactly the kind of figure we could well rally a religion around. Moreover, he made the music for that video on his own with nothing but Garageband loops, which deserves more of exactly the same kind of MacGyver respect he’d already earned with the video 🙂

Aside from that, there’s not too much else to post except to say that everyone should strive to more like the man in Figure 2:

What a man...

Figure 2: The suit says business but that helmet is ALL casual

Before the Komplett blog starts to become a major blockage for workflow, I’ll cut this one short, but hopefully we’ve succeeded in making this Friday afternoon block a little more cheerful for those of you out there in the rainy, rain real world. I’ve been warned not to remind people that it’s seven weeks until Christmas… so I’ll try not to 😉

Oh, and I’ve attached this bonus picture for those who haven’t smiled yet.


How darling 🙂

Have an excellent weekend guys, we’ll see you all again on Monday 🙂


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