See What Data Google Has on You


Google has launched a new service called Google Dashboard, which allows users to see all of the data that Google has accrued from its various services about your various habits.


For many, the sheer ubiquity of Google services has long been the scariest thing about the search giant. Google’s combination of targeted ads, Gmail, Google Docs the Chrome browser, alongside ownership of YouTube, has long meant that the company has a hand in, for a lot of us, some very widespread datasets about your habits on the web.

So, with Google having such vast tracts of potentially intimate data on individual users whose accounts are all tied to one another, the worry is that Google’s “Don’t be evil” corporate policy might not be enough to stop the company from doing things that we, as users, might consider to be a touch unsavoury.

For a long time, the scariest thing about Google’s accumulated data was that we had no way to tell just how much it had on us, but now Google has announced that the Dashboard feature will allow users to see what data Google has stored on them. This video from Google pretty much sums the whole thing up:

If you’re not in the mood for a video, you can check out the GoogleSystem blog post about the new feature.


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