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Hey there all, from time to time we like to update people on items that we have in stock at our Dublin Pickup Point (or the PUP). Basically, if something is really popular and doesn’t take up a monumental amount of space, we try to have a couple in stock locally to save people the trouble of ordering it.

At the moment, we have some items that we think people might actually like, some are a bit cheaper than the price listed on our web page too… so if you decide to buy at the PUP you’ll not only save yourself the trouble of ordering online, but you can just show up now and pick it up, saving you delivery time too.

We were most happy to be able to sort one of our Twitter followers (the ever charming @Shiminay) out with a hard drive when he was in a bit of a pinch yesterday, so with any luck we’ll be able to do the same for more people by telling you guys what we have available at the PUP.


Click through to check out our Corsair Voyager page 🙂

At the moment we have Corsair’s Flash Voyager for €19.50, a USB stick that (thanks to the helpful @Feylya) we’ve come to know simply as “The Battlestar” for a combination of its shape and extreme durability. We can’t advise you to do nightmarish things to it, but it is water proof… white water rafting while transporting important data is at last a possibility.

It’s something people like to see as local stock because somehow there always seems to be a day when someone suddenly realises a need for some removable storage.

Similarly, we’re carrying HDMI cables at the PUP for just €10.

One of our long-time bestsellers has been Western Digital’s Elements 1TB external drive for €76. It’s fairly obvious why; people accumulate a lot of data over the course of a few months and need somewhere they can drop it either as a backup or just to free up space on their day-to-day machine. The Elements is a solid drive, with a pretty much perfect record over five user reviews 🙂


Click through to check out our page for the Samsung 32-inch LCD TV 🙂

Last, but by no means least, we have something a bit bigger in the form of a Samsung 32” LCD TV. It’s a solid display and a good deal at €367. It’ll go up to 1080p and it has two HDMI ports. Moreover, because it’s a Samsung it has the usual Samsung style to it, the body is quite nice and the whole device has a sense of robustness to it.

If you’d like to see it in more detail then check it out our detailed product page for it.


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