Windows 7 Initial Sales Outperform Vista


Initial sales of Microsoft’s newest OS, Windows 7, have put the sales of Windows Vista to absolute shame, outperforming it by around the 234% mark, which is fairly genuinely impressive.

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It’s also fantastic news for Microsoft, who just months ago had been expressing the sincere worry that Windows Vista, messy as it was on release, might well have introduced an early-adoption-fear to Windows users. When Microsoft admits to being scared then you know something’s up, but it seems that in this case those fears were unjustified, with Redmond managing to do very well out of Windows 7‘s launch altogether.

Cnet is reporting that the biggest selling Windows 7 SKU is the Home Premium Upgrade, with Windows 7 Professional Upgrade following closely behind, which would certainly confirm that a lot of Windows Vista users haven’t been pushed away from Micrososft, but are pushing directly into Windows 7 to get away from Vista.

Of course, a significant amount of Windows 7’s popularity can be seen to have come directly from its unusually wide beta test, which was essentially a free OS for the eight or nine months leading up to the launch… so naturally people took advantage of the offer. Once those beta testers were in they were more than happy to tell the world and sundry how much they were enjoying the new OS.

It’s interesting to see that Windows 7 Ultimate doesn’t make an appearance in the top three SKUs, especially considering the fact that Microsoft had made a concerted effort to make the Ultimate SKU more attractive (people had felt a bit ripped off by the Vista Ultimate box).


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