Danish Anti-Piracy Group Folds


In a highly unusual turn of events, a Danish anti-piracy group representing copyright owners in both the music and film industries has announced that it will no longer be pursuing internet pirates.

Pirate Bay

Turbulent times for all involved, it seems...

TorrentFreak is reporting that the group’s decision not to pursue internet file sharers stems from several losses the group incurred in cases against users accused of copyright infringement. The anti-piracy group, appropriately enough named Antipiratgruppen, has said that it will no longer be seeking to have users taken to court due to the difficulty entailed in accumulating evidence against alleged copyright infringers.

It’s certainly an interesting case, given the sheer volume of currency that anti-piracy groups in other countries seem to have available to them. To see an anti-piracy group decide that it’s simply too costly to attempt to bring pirates to court, without any real chance of success, is very interesting indeed.

It’s worth noting though that this is likely to remain specific to Denmark, where the anti-piracy group doesn’t appear to have access to any kind of information on users from internet service providers (ISPs). Over here the case is very much the reverse, where people have taken issue with the extent to which Eircom has been influenced by copyright holders, most obviously the blocking of The Pirate Bay to Eircom customers.

If nothing else it’s interesting to see an anti-piracy group deciding that it’s simply prohibitively costly to pursue internet pirates. It’s long been suggested that the legal battles fought over copyright infringement are likely more expensive than the total cost of media pirated by those involved.

Unlikely as it seems that this will become a trend, it’s still intriguing. If you’d like to read about the whole business in more detail then check out the report from TorrentFreak on it.


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