Google Wave Interface to Hit Other Apps?


Reports indicate that Google is looking to add some of the cleanness and depth of its Google Wave interface to its other web-based applications.

Google Wave UI

For those who haven’t yet used Google Wave or seen how it looks, the above is a screenshot of the default view of Google Wave (click through to see it a bit bigger). While the fact that the inbox is broken up so that the contacts list, inbox and the wave(s) you’re currently reading is the biggest difference between Wave and Gmail, the second most noticeable shift has to be the fact that the interface is so elegantly executed.

The folks over at Engadget received a series of screenshots from an anonymous tipster showing off what’s said to be the next-generation interface for those of us using any of the other services in Google’s web apps suite.

While it might not make much sense to go mucking around with the tried and tested interface that the Google Apps suite has had until now, a move to the Google Wave style UI would mean a far more unified experience across the various different web-based services that Google provides.

Moreover, it’s been suggested already that this could well be some indication of what we can expect to see in terms of user interface when Google’s much-anticipated Chrome OS drops at some stage during the next year or so. We’ll be interested to see just how all this works out, but with many already saying that these screenshots could easily have been faked, the biggest question is, “Why bother?”

While we’re talking about Google Wave, we’ve taken to just calling it “Google Dave” as though it were a real person. We hope other people do too, it’s a nicer name, though it doesn’t function as well as a verb, “Oh… I’ll Dave that to you.”


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One Response to “Google Wave Interface to Hit Other Apps?”

  1. Clintonio Says:

    I watched the whole presentation Google gave on Wave a while back, they explicitly stated that their intention was to have Wave operating on, in and over other sites to provide such unified experiences, they also stated that any site could run their own wave database and software if they wanted, and that those waves could collaborate over some kind of wave protocool.

    It’s pretty awesome, but it is also another set of APIs and a protocool programmers will have to deal with.

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