Komplett Launches Teen Safe Computing Initiative In Conjunction With ChildWatch.ie


From the pen of Aaron McKenna, Country Manager of Komplett Ireland.

Komplett is today launching a major initiative aimed at teenage internet users. In conjunction with ChildWatch.ie, the authors of a recent Barnardos report entitled “Three Hazards – Child Protection In The Electronic Age”, Komplett is bringing free seminars on internet threats and safety to secondary schools in Ireland.

We’re also delivering a leaflet with helpful advice into our PC and notebook orders and are making information available online as well. But the real crux of the campaign is the seminars, where we’re sitting down in front of teens in Transition Year and above and giving them a balanced and audience sensitive discussion on the topic of illegal activity on the internet relation children and the threats to teenagers.

These dangers range from cyber bullying by peers through use of web and mobile phone cams, identity theft and the rather more serious aspects of internet predators. (If you don’t think that that’s a serious threat, we would point you here to the most recent example of why we feel it is.)

The seminars given by ChildWatch are appropriate to the audience and the school setting, but are different from what we’ve experienced in the past in that they attempt to get past the ‘net nanny syndrome’ (kids switching off when they feel they’re being lectured at) by discussing the real threats that are out there on the internet in an adult manner. It’s a method that works: It gets the attention of the teenagers in the audience and ChildWatch has been invited back to several secondary schools to give repeat performances to different and larger groups of students.

This is a project that we’ve felt very warm towards in Komplett since it came across our desk before the release of the Barnardos report. The bespoke advice to parents of teenagers using the internet has been ‘keep the PC in the living room and keep an eye on their activities.’ Great advice, but really impractical on so many levels – one of which we see directly as a retailer being that PC sales to the consumer market are becoming more and more rare compared to the booming laptop and netbook market. Cheap mobile computers with WiFi internet and webcams… “What could possibly go wrong…?” a cynic might inquire.

So, without wanting to sound like a bunch of cranks telling you that there are villans on every virtual street corner, we felt that supporting this initiative to bring practical education on the topic to teenagers in the classroom is a great way to slowly make a difference in the mindsets of Irish teenagers to the way they approach the internet, social networking and mobile computing. We want them to enjoy themselves whilst having the small piece of awareness in the back of their minds to ensure that they don’t fall prey to any dangers out there (or, for that matter… any internet scams – these 16 year olds will one day be 20 year olds with bank accounts and susceptible to, for example phishing. Just a thought.)

If you’re working in a school, or know anybody who is, and would like to find out more; or if you’re a parent who would like to see us come and give a presentation to your children’s school, you can drop us a line to business.ie@komplett.com


2 Responses to “Komplett Launches Teen Safe Computing Initiative In Conjunction With ChildWatch.ie”

  1. John Fitzpatrick Says:

    this is a great initiative, but your bespoke advice is the only thing that actually works. The only lace kids should be on the internet is where their parents can see exactly what they are looking at, and more importantly monitor whats children are doing on he internet.

    Good luck with the project.

  2. John Fitzpatrick Says:

    A couple of typos sorry.

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