Nvidia Lashes Out at Intel


Nvidia has launched a parody page called Intel’s Insides boasting cartoons about Intel’s current legal position, one with which it seems Intel is none-too-pleased.

Nvidia Godfather Intel

Nvidia has responded to the awkward position that Intel has found itself in in the last week or so since it emerged that the company was to be brought to court by the New York Attorney General’s office over allegations of “threats and bribery” in its attempts to become the default choice for consumer processors. It’s been estimated that Dell alone has profited from Intel’s largess to the tune of $6 billion.

Nvidia and Intel haven’t been on the best of terms for quite some time, with the current round of back-and-forth disagreements seeming to stem from Nvidia’s trouble obtaining the number of Intel’s Atom mobile processors it needed for its ION platform. For those who’ve not had a chance to see ION in action, it has the potential to threaten Intel’s dominance in the netbook market.

At the time of writing there are five cartoons up on the page, though we imagine that Nvidia likely won’t be taking them down anytime soon. ExtremeTech managed to get in touch with the folks at Nvidia, whose head of corporate communications, Bob Sherbin, pointed out that,

“[The site] is satirical in nature, and attempts to have a bit of fun with what is quite a serious issue.”

We’ll be interested to see how Intel responds, if it responds at all. Certainly it’s an very interesting development for newspaper cartoonists, who have long been told that web-based media was the future of their work. This kind of page could well be the beginning of a trend towards corporate sponsored satire…

You can check out Nvidia’s Intel’s Insides page for more of the cartoons.


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One Response to “Nvidia Lashes Out at Intel”

  1. Thomas Mc Gonnell Says:

    lmao! Reminds me of the Apple>pc things. That’s class! The Larrabee one is epic too!

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