Skype Founders to Launch Music Service


Skype’s founders, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, have put their not inconsiderable weight behind a new venture into the online music service sector called Rdio.

RDIO logo

TechCrunch has put its nose to the ground and managed to ferret out some very interesting details indeed about the current state of the Skype founders’ new project, not least of which the fact that a LinkedIn search reveals just one staff member in the form of Malthe Sigurdsson, former Creative Director for Skype.

That’s not all though, Skype’s one time General Manager of Desktop Products Carter Adamson has been drafted to, which, as TechCrunch is quick to point out, seems to indicate that this service will differ from what we’ve seen from the likes of Google’s Music Onebox and Facebook’s music offering in that it will likely have its own application, rather than being purely browser based.

While it’s all very interesting, the fact is that there just doesn’t seem to be all that much to know about Rdio for the moment beyond what its staff has worked on in the past. That said, we can fairly reasonably conclude a few things about Rdio from just that, including the fact that it’s likely to appear as both as in-browser service and as a standalone application.

If nothing else, it seems as though Rdio might well launch as some kind of direct competition for the vastly successful Spotify, which is for the moment largely uncontested (given the fact that Spotify’s most direct would-be competitor is the US only, Real Media owned, Rhapsody).

We’re curious to see how well Rdio performs, given the fact that the team behind it clearly has experience of launching a web-based service with a great deal of success already. The fact that they’ve grabbed the domain, alone should stand them quite well.


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