Google Acquires Gizmo5


Google has managed to get in under Skype’s feet and snatch VOIP setup Gizmo5, setting the stage for a very strange web of services indeed, and one that Skype won’t be too pleased with.


TechCrunch is reporting that Skype had been angling to pick up Gizmo5 during the last month or so while Gizmo5 the two were embroiled in legal proceedings. At some point during the whole affair though, Skype managed to settle the whole thing, which made Gizmo5 look like a far less worthwhile investment… at least, it looked like a far less worthwhile investment to Skype. Google had other ideas.

So, where does that leave Gizmo5? If the reports are to be believed then Gizmo5 has already been bought and paid for by Google, which paid somewhere around $30 million for it.

Of course, the folks at TechCrunch are fairly quick to point out that Google’s Google Talk service would tie in very neatly indeed with the technology that Gizmo5 already boasts, allowing users to take advantage of functionality similar to Skype’s Skype-In and Skype-Out (which allow users to dial to and from physical phones to/from VOIP services).

So far, there’s no real word on just what Google and Gizmo5 are going to work on together, but we imagine that adding that kind of functionality to Google Voice would be a very attractive situation indeed for Google. It’ll also be interesting to see if, and how, Google Voice is effected by this purchase.

For now though, we’re just waiting for some official word from Google and Gizmo5 to confirm that the sale has happened before we can really expect any word on how it’ll effect existing services.


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