Hundreds of Facebook Groups Hacked


Due to a particularly strange Facebook design issue, hundreds of Facebook groups have effectively been “hacked,” with new users taking control of the groups as administrators.


According to a report from social media news site Mashable, the issue stems from the way in which Facebook handles groups that the original administrator has left. Essentially, once a group has been created, the creator is the administrator by default. If that administrator later leaves, then any new user can register to become an administrator… and you can imagine the trouble that gets some groups into.

The best example, according to Mashable at least, is the “Control Your Info” group, which actively seeks out groups that haven’t currently got an active administrator, and then join them specifically to take them over.

Naturally, there needs to be some way to designate an administrator to a Facebook group that finds itself suddenly without one, but simply allowing any new user to register themselves as an administrator is perhaps one of the least effective ways of doing so.

So far, there’s been no word from the folks at Facebook about a change in the way its groups are handled, but others have already detailed (at great length) the issues that can arise from having a malicious administrator in control of a large group (and they’re every bit as bad as you might imagine).


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