Modern Warfare 2 Poised for Record


With the world and its mother either excited or enraged by Infinity Ward’s latest entry to the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare 2, it seems the game is likely to break records regardless of the controversy surrounding it.

Modern Warfare 2 art

According to the BBC, the folks at HMV are convinced that its going to break the record number of copies sold in its first week of release. A spokesperson for the company said as much in no uncertain terms, telling the BBC that, “We estimate the game will exceed 1m UK sales in its first week, which would be a new record.” Certainly, it’d be an achievement for the folks at Infinity Ward to break that record, but to do so in spite of the negative press surrounding the game is only more impressive.

For those who haven’t already heard the bad news about Modern Warfare 2, it’s largely an issue for PC gamers only, so most of you needn’t worry. For those who had planned on picking it up on the PC and haven’t heard the bad press already, Infinity Ward has made the fairly unusual decision not to include dedicated server support.

Many have accused the developer of staging a fairly open cash grab, with the lack of dedicated servers meaning that users won’t be able to run their own customised versions of the game or, likely, custom maps. It’s been alleged that this is specifically so that Inifnity Ward can use a console style “microtransations” model to sell downloadable content to fans.

Certainly it’s a time of transition for the games industry, but given the fact that PC gamers are used to being a bit spoiled by companies like Valve (which has been delivering massive free content packs to its Team Fortress 2 for literally years now) PC gamers are taking the hit very hard indeed, with many swearing off the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 altogether.

For those interested in more news of the Modern Warfare 2 launch across the water in the UK, you can check out the BBC, which is carrying the news with a little more detail. If you’re at all interested, the previous record for most games sold in opening week was GTA IV with 800,000.


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