Processor Market Bouncing Back?


The processor market has shown signs that things are returning to pre-recession normality, boasting record-breaking shipments for the third quarter of 2009.


With everyone looking for signs of economic recovery, this seems as though it could well be one of the figures we hear touted in the coming weeks that things are looking up. The figures, which boast a growth of 23% over last quarter, come from an IDC report released yesterday. According to IDC’s Shane Rau,

“Most meaningful about Q309 is that, since PC processor shipments overall just slightly exceeded shipments in Q308—which was itself a record quarter at the time—we know that the processor market is recovering.”

Of course, it’s worth noting that it is overwhelmingly thanks to mobile processors like Intel’s Atom that we’re seeing so very great an upwards drive in processor shipments. The issue with that is that those mobile processors aren’t as expensive as their heavy-duty, more power-hungry counterparts, so we can expect to see overall revenue not making the same leap as shipments have.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that Intel managed to account or 88% of the mobile PC processor market, with AMD trailing behind with just short of 12%. Of course, Intel is in a bit of a stew regarding just how it came to enjoy the practical ubiquite it does today with the New York Attorney General alleging bribery and coercion.

Still, if you’d like to read more about the current state of the processor market, the folks over at Cnet have done a fairly firm job of breaking the numbers down and examining just what’s going where.


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