Bing Boasts Own Video Service


Microsoft has announced that its search engine, Bing, is to boast its own web-based video service, set to roll out over the next few days.


Word comes from the Bing Community blog of the upcoming launch of Bing Videos, which seems set to supplant MSN Video. If nothing else, this shows Microsoft’s ongoing dedication to Bing as a brand, with the company continuing to rebrand old services, using Bing as a kind of umbrella term for its unifying block of web-based services. Of course, the Bing blog post manages to undersell Bing Video almost out of the gate, with the service being hyped with the statement,

“With the New Bing Video you can now access videos from across the web, MSN’s array of high-quality videos, and videos from sites such as Hulu, ABC and YouTube. Bing videos viewing options are nearly endless.

Check out the cool new home page which makes it easy to search and browse for the videos you want to see.”

The problem with all of this is that a quick trip over to the Bing Video homepage confirms pretty much exactly what you might have expected from Bing Video if you’re a cynical veteran of Microsoft’s web-based video services – it doesn’t work quite as well as you might hope.

To be more accurate, my trip over to the Bing Video page, where I tried to watch the trailer for the next Twilight movie (for reasons more to do with its being centrally located and the biggest thing on the page) I was told that I was ‘entering the last phase of my Silverlight installation.’ For many, that’s going to mean fairly quickly moving from Bing Video to, “Close tab > Address Bar >”

We’ll have to wait and see if Bing Video manages to gain any real traction, but at this stage, it seems fairly unlikely. The fact is that YouTube, being backed by Google, kind of has Bing beaten on two important fronts. The first is that it’s got Google behind it, which means it’s already tied in to everyone’s existing accounts and the second is that YouTube has achieved the kind of ubiquity already that Bing can’t possibly hope to match.

[Update: I may or may have been given out to, and rightly so, for forgetting to include a link to Bing Video for those curious about the service. My bad.]


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4 Responses to “Bing Boasts Own Video Service”

  1. nutterguy Says:

    Ah come on now… This blog is getting stupid.
    If you had actually bothered to finish that 2 second silverlight install which you really should have in the first place, then you would have seen that Bing video is amoung other things a content aggregator from sources all over the web, it has all youtube videos, hulu, msn, countless others but in one place without all the ads you get on other pages.

    It also has a dimmer which nowhere but hulu and a very select few youtube videos have. This alone is wonderful!

    It also has the excellent live video preview that google would be stupid not to copy/licence for youtube. This makes to much easier to search for videos.

    It uses LiveID which is far more widely used that Google accounts so you can take back that point.

    If some web 2.0 statup or google came out with this you would be all over it.

    Now get the hell over your google obsessed, microsoft hating block and do some real unbiased blogging(aka: news stealing).
    Your really not doing any favors here.

    • komplettie Says:

      I’m genuinely sorry if you think this was a biased post, but the fact is that Microsoft is going to have to compete with YouTube if it’s launching a video service; YouTube is effectively THE web-based video service at the moment, indeed only more so with places like Channel 4 adding full shows to the service.

      I don’t think that it’s biased to say that making a service any more difficult to use than YouTube already is won’t be doing them too many favours.

      I’ll frankly and forthrightly admit that the video preview function is excellent, and that any other video service would benefit from it, but that feature is something users won’t use if they navigate away from the page when they’re asked to install Silverlight.

      We’ve spoken on Twitter before and you’re clearly a man who’s happy to engage in a discussion; if this were truly a biased blog then we would have more stringent comment moderation or no comments at all. Instead, I’m happy to acknowledge that there are differences of opinion that run both deep and close to home when it comes to choices of web-based services, OS and mail, let alone everything else. Writing for a company in the technology sector doesn’t erase those preferences. We received similar complaints when we posted about the Gmail outage that left even people who are paying for mail services without their inboxes because people felt we were anti-Google on the strength of that post alone.

      That’s what the comments section is for, and it’s why I’m more than happy to engage with anyone who expresses a difference of opinion. All you have to do is drop in a comment. I do read all of them 🙂

      I’m sorry if you feel as though we’re doing ourselves a disservice by having the blog here.

      • nutterguy Says:

        There is no doubt this is a biased post but thanks for the apology.

        I’m pretty sure nobody would find Bing video more difficult to use than Youtube. In fact I think it is quite a bit easier with less ads, a far better queuing system and much easier category’s.

        If installing Silverlight is your big issue with it then thats absurd. As Silverlight is far easier to install than flash and IMO performs far better especially with HD video.

        All of the videos that use Silverlight use smoothstreaming rather than having to press a little HD/HQ button for every video on Youtube.

        Also comments are not loaded by default which personally, I think is a great idea, your preference may differ if you love flame wars between illegible monkeys. It’s often worse than 4chan…

        Also I do not think that Bing video is competing with Youtube as such, the same way that Vimeo and Hulu and not directly competing directly with Youtube because they are all vastly superior to Youtube for what they do (HD and TV respectively).
        Bing video is an aggregator not the next youtube.

        Thank you for providing the link at least, hopefully this will become the norm, putting links to pages your talking about at the end of the article.

        Also, in the long term I think it would be better if this blog stuck to hardware rather than software or services.

      • komplettie Says:

        We’ll likely stick with the current situation with comments, whereby we approve users, rather than comments. It means that once someone leaves a comment and seems to be a decent sort we have it set to automatically approve all of their future comments. It’s a lot easier for all concerned that way.

        What we’ll try to do, since a lot of people seem to enjoy the news posts about products/services and since they very often tie in with hardware quite closely, is sort out the blog with tabs. That’d mean that those who are more disposed towards reading hardware news can do so, while those who enjoy the posts about software and services can do so if they’d like. That shouldn’t interfere with the running of the blog too much, nor with the reading of it for most, but it would offer a little more choice for those who like certain elements of our content more than others 🙂

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