Google Latitude Adds Alerts and Location History


Google Latitude has seen some new additions in the form of requested features from users, one of which is a location history, the other offering alerts when users are near friends.


Word comes from the Official Google Mobile Blog of the new changes to Google Latitude, which users can use to see just how much of their time is spent in certain places. Google notes that the location history feature won’t be something friends can use to check up on you though… which is good news for anyone who’s been spending a lot of time somewhere they shouldn’t. The example Google gives of a simple use for the Location History option is to help a friend find a restaurant you’ve recommended but can’t remember the name of, nice and easy.

Certainly the more interesting of the two new features for us though is the Google Location Alerts (which for now boasts the infamous Google “beta” tag). Apparently, people had asked Google to provide some way for them to see if their friends were nearby, without having to just check Latitude every five minutes while they’re in town.

Moreover, to avoid getting spammed with notifications from Latitude while you’re in work and moving around coworkers who may also be in your Latitude friends list, then the Location History option can be set to recognise “home” and “work” and whatever else you set up as places where you don’t necessarily need to be reminded that certain people are nearby.

The two combine to make up something far more interesting of Google Latitude, which has, let’s face it, kind of been a bit of a science project until now. Sure, it’s fun, but now it might actually become useful.

For anyone curious, you can check out the Google Mobile blog for more details on the new functionality added to Latitude.


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