Modern Warfare 2 Stays Locked on Steam


Users who have bought Modern Warfare 2 via Steam are seeing some fuss about just when their game will be playable. Initial word had been that the game would release on Thursday, but last night that date changed to November 13th, putting release on Friday.

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While the world and it’s mother was out helping the latest installment in the Call of Duty series on its road to breaking records, many PC gamers opted for the digital distribution route, choosing to download the game via Valve’s Steam service. Now though, it seems that those who opted to download the game via Steam, despite having the full game sitting on their drive already, can’t actually play it until Thursday.

The whole affair is only more questionable when you consider the fact that both copies of Modern Warfare available for the PC (via Steam and through physical media) use Steam’s own servers as a form of copy protection, yet those copies that have been bought at brick and mortar shops are already happily ticking away.

For now we’ve got no indication as to just why the date has been moved around, but the internet at large has been enjoying the opportunity to speculate. Some have said that the whole thing is a restriction put in place by the game’s publisher in an attempt to spur sales of physical copies of the game, while others have claimed that Infinity Ward is working on some kind of grand patch to eliminate some of the issues that have made the game so very unpalatable to PC-based players.

Still, according to a TomsHardware reader, the availability date was bumped back late last night to say November 11th, but so far we’ve not seen anyone else playing it, so it seems safe to assume the original launch date of the 12th has been restored.

Tell us if you’ve managed to get Modern Warfare 2 to actually run from a Steam download. Ironically enough, we’ve been informed that there’s a cracked version already doing the rounds, which is a bit much when you think about it.

[Update: The Steam release of Modern Warfare 2 has now been rolled back to the original Thursday release date, so hopefully all will be well and we’ll see it launch as expected, but the whole back and forth business has been a little disconcerting to say the least.]


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5 Responses to “Modern Warfare 2 Stays Locked on Steam”

  1. Nabidana Says:

    It was always clear the steam version would release for play on Thursday. Always. In their in-client adverts etc.

    • komplettie Says:

      You’re totally right, apparently a lot of people people who clicked through the buying process on the web page rather than inside Steam got the impression it was up for simultaneous launch… so they’re fiercely disappointed by the whole thing.

  2. Thomas Mc Gonnell Says:

    I use the CD version and it works fine. But honestly, this whole thing with it been integrated with Steam is a joke. Still haven’t figured out how to change my name in game either :S If it’s even possible! The game is great but the fact that 9v9 is the max players you can get in multiplayer really takes away from the game, and the steam aspect aswell. I hate steam =/

    And bring back dedicated servers -.-

  3. Thomas Mc Gonnell Says:

    Yeah I know! Honestly, it feels like I’m playing the xbox version on the PC or something with this matchmaking thing(not totally a bad thing but sad times when it feels like an xbox is a pc).

    I want to hate the game for taking away great features of it, but it sucks that it’s still such a bloody good game -.-

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