Movie Director Embraces Piracy


The director of an independent movie currently seeing some unusually high traffic on major torrent sites has come out to say that he is “embracing” the piracy.

ink movie

According to a report from TorrentFreak, independent film Ink has been downloaded more than 400,000 times since its release on DVD earlier in the week. It’s even managed to earn itself a space in the fairly dubious top ten most pirated movies of this week… none of which is nearly as interesting as the fact that the film’s writer and director have been fairly forthright and said that the piracy is among the best things to have happened the film.

The two, Jamin and Kiowa Winans have said in their own email-based newsletter that the film was made on a relatively light budget of $250,000, which makes achieving anything like the penetration they’ve managed with bittorrent particularly impressive. The two go further though, saying that,

“Knowing there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it, we’ve embraced the piracy and are just happy Ink is getting unprecedented exposure … As a result of the completely underground buzz that you’ve each helped us create. We’ve had no distributor, no real advertising and yet the word of mouth that you’ve generated has made the film blow up as soon as it became available worldwide.”

This goes hand in hand with the news yesterday that independent videogame developer RedLynx had posted a cracked version of its own game to “all of the major torrent sites” in an effort to get word out there and get people playing the game to encourage sales of the full version.

With the two landing so close together it’s difficult not to accept that illicit downloads are doing something for the entertainment industry, it just seems as though it’s the smaller companies that find themselves in do-or-die positions that are actually trying to make something of it.

You can read more, including a detailed response from the filmmakers, over at TorrentFreak. It’s certainly worth giving a read if you have the time.


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