Banned Xbox 360s Modded to Reconnect to Live


Microsoft’s recent wave of bans is said to have hit somewhere between 600,000 and one million Xbox owners, leaving them unable to use the Xbox Live service from their machines… now though, it looks as though there’s a fix for those banned.

Xbox 360 Elite

For any who haven’t heard of this situation until now, Microsoft has issued bans to users who have been found to be playing copies of games before release or whose Xbox 360s have been modified to do so. The issue, for modded console users at least, is that the modified firmware’s installed were often touted as being “undetectable” by Microsoft, a claim that’s now been revealed to be fairly inadequate.

The latest news is that there is a fix available for those who have had their consoles banned from Xbox Live, though it’s a fairly involved process. Still, given the fact that those Microsoft banned are already, by definition, people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty with the innards of their console, that might not deter too many.

There’s a bit of a How To available at Xbox-Scene for those intrepid enough or curious enough to want to check it out. The process involves getting a “CPU key” from a second Xbox 360, so we’d imagine that you’re moving from a situation where one console is at risk to one where two are at risk… which seems a little bit of a gamble, considering the last “undetectable” risk these user took.

Of course, one of the most interesting things about the whole situation is the fact that Microsoft waited until now to ban users in so large a wave. It may simply have been that it, for one reason or another, couldn’t detect the modifications used to run illicit software until now… but the timing is still curious. The fact that such a vast wave of bans has hit just before Christmas can’t just be a case of our being cynical… can it?

Up to a million consoles rendered useless in the month after Sony manages to shift one million PlayStation 3s in twenty days? Could be coincidence, but it feels strange.


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