Chome OS Release This Week?


Rumours of Google Chrome’s launch date have been winding up for a while now, with some intimating that it might arrive earlier than Google’s predicted 2010, with some suggesting that we’ll see it this week.

Google Chrome Logo

Google’s hotly anticipated entry to the operating system market has seen a couple of fakes and what appeared at the time to be a leak but later turned out to be something between an OS and a web browser, but now word from various different reports is that we could see a release of Google’s Chrome OS as soon as this week.

All of the reports indicating that we’ll see a launch of Chrome OS this side of Christmas (and this week specifically), seem to originate from a single TechCrunch report, which sites a “reliable source” saying that we would likely see a version of Chrome OS available to the public for download within a week.

While Google’s official launch for the OS is set for 2010, the search giant had said before that we could expect to see an early build of chrome at some point in the Autumn, so if the rumour of a release this week holds then we could intimate that everything is running on schedule for Chrome OS… though of course there are those who’ll say that mid-November is well into winter, as opposed to Autumn.

It’ll be interesting to see just what an early build of Chrome would support, and just how long it is before we can expect to see something as easy to play with as the Google Android Live CD, which remains an excellent way to kill a rainy afternoon.


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