Google Translate Gets an Overhaul


Google has revisited its Google Translate service and given it a bit of an overhaul, adding some very interesting features indeed and changing the general look and feel of the service into something a but more real-time.

School has stood me well...

Google’s translations service has long been due a bit of an update, and with the translation that it had shown off with some of the Google Wave videos some had feared Wave might become the new Google Translate. Still, with translation features yet to make an appearance in the web-based application itself, it’s good to see Google Translate getting a little more real-time.

According to a post on the Official Google Blog, the latest changes to Google Translate include the removal of the “translate” button itself. Now, the service simply translates in real time, which actually gives it a feel very similar to that of Google Wave (which we just can’t help comparing it to, if only because of the similar feel and the fact that Wave is to tout translation later).

The other big news is that they’ve added a text-to-speech arrangement for when the service is translating into English, though not for other languages. This one is great news for… well, probably the internet at large and foreign language students, but sadly less useful for us until it starts turning up in other languages too.

For now there’s still no word on just when we can expect to see text-to-speech start turning up in other languages, if indeed it ever will, nor do we have any indication of when real-time translation will be available in Google Wave, which seems very much to be the direction the whole thing is headed in. Still, the changes to Google Translate make the service a lot more interesting, it’s well worth giving it a go just to see how it handles Irish.


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2 Responses to “Google Translate Gets an Overhaul”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    Wonder if this will be tied into Roise from Google Wave??? Seems to be doing something similar

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