PlayStation 3 to get Facebook Support


It’s been confirmed that Facebook support is to be added to Sony’s PlayStation 3 via a firmware update that should arrive by the end of the month.

Rumours had originally emerged late last week that Sony was to try and match Microsoft’s Xbox 360’s recent efforts to push into the whole social media space, specifically that Sony would be adding Facebook support. Sony has now posted on its official blog to confirm it, and indicate that its own effort to integrate Facebook is quite similar to Microsoft’s in that it will bind your PlayStation Network account to your Facebook account.

Bizarrely, the whole thing comes with an option to automatically update your Facebook feed, which makes the whole thing a little overpowering. Facebook options include updating whenever you buy a new game from the PlayStation Store and whenever you unlock a Trophy. Those will likely be turned off by most well-thinking human beings.

One of the things we’re a little more interested in is the ability for it for developers to add game-specific Facebook features. While we think that there’s nothing quite as irritating as the idea of a Facebook stream entirely polluted by “John has just shot five men in X Game,” the fact that developers can choose to add their own Facebook sharing options means we can look forward to seeing updates like,

“Marc just got destroyed 25-0 by John, and should not own videogames anymore.”

The more options there are to humiliate myself with something tied to my Facebook account, the happier I am really. It could well add an element of public humiliation to things as humble as Street Fighter.

Still, that seems like a bit of a flight of fancy. It seems much more likely we’ll end up seeing Facebook streams saturated by PSN updates that don’t really mean too much, sadly.


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