Bebo to Add Anti-Bullying Protection


Bebo has announced that it is to implement a button for users who find themselves mistreated on the site, labelled simply “Report Abuse.” The button is to appear on all profiles by default.

Bebo has long been the subject of cyber-bullying horror stories due an unfortunate combination of general openness and a very much younger audience (the average age of Bebo users tending far closer to early-to-mid teens than sites like Facebook). Now though, it seems that Bebo is not only aware of the issues its younger userbase might face, but is actively working to make its social network a safer place for users.

For now there’s no word on just when Bebo is to roll out the new anti-bullying functionality, but a quick check reveals that it’s not yet been added to my own (admittedly long inactive) Bebo page. Bebo president Stephane Panier said of the move that, “Today marks an advance in the level of support and protection we can provide our users.”

This will be welcome news to any who have been following the Teen Safe Computing campaign we’ve been running on our main page, which is an effort in association with to have people talk to teenagers in an open and frank manner about the potential dangers they might encounter during casual internet use.

It might seem simple, but it’s really excellent to see Bebo reaching out to a portion of its community that, clearly, can be made to feel helpless by malicious behaviour over social networking sites.

If you’d like to check out our page on Teen Safe Computing, there’s a lot more information on safe web use for younger users from the folks over at


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