Chrome OS Event Tomorrow


Google has sort-of announced that it is to hold a special event tomorrow that is to centre around its highly anticipated upcoming entry to the operating system market, Chrome OS.

Without any apparent effort on Google’s part, the upcoming entry to the OS stakes has managed to accumulate an awful lot of hype in a very short amount of time. This is largely due to the fact that people have drawn a relationship between Chrome OS and Google’s current portable OS, Android. With Android managing to steal more and more of the smartphone spotlight, interest in Chrome OS has grown steadily.

TechCrunch has the detail on Google’s Chrome OS event, which it says is to contain a “complete overview” of Google’s new OS, as well as going into some detail as to just how Google intends to manage the launch of Chrome OS. Perhaps most interesting, though it’s not mentioned overtly in the TechCrunch post, is that many had been pointing to this week as a possible release date for an early build of Google Chrome.

While the rumours of a release this week could well have been misinterpretations of some mumblings from inside Google about there being some big news about Chrome on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to hear if Google says anything about releasing an early build of its Chrome OS in the near future. For now, reports have steered well clear of intimating that Google will release anything after the event, but hopes are quite high.

For those of us in Ireland, we’ll likely be left waiting until Friday to learn what’s happening with Chrome OS, once those who’ve attended the event have had a chance to get back and actually write up some reports on the whole affair. With any luck, Google will post a video similar to the now famous Google Wave preview so that the rest of us can get an inkling of what to expect from Chrome OS.


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5 Responses to “Chrome OS Event Tomorrow”

  1. Jonathan Cremin Says:

    Even if there’s no one live blogging the event, we’ll still know what happened by tomorrow evening, the event is on in the morning PST (here + 8 hours).

    • komplettie Says:

      Oh, very cool 🙂 I shouldn’t be nearly as excited as I am by the whole thing. I know that by the time it comes out I’ll look at it and think, “Well it’s very nice but I can’t just be installing new OSes willy-nilly…”

  2. cian1500ww Says:

    This will be very interesting, here’s hoping it isn’t a huge flop….

  3. Kevin Says:

    Interesting but feck ’em, I want a proper build of Chrome browser for mac. I really like it but it likes to crash and render some flash apps awfully 😦

    • komplettie Says:

      I’m using one of the more recent builds, but at this stage it’s really just my Wave browser, I can’t rely on it to do very much else on Mac without falling over, sadly.

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