Facebook Privacy Policy Changes


Facebook has moved to update its privacy policy to a version worded in terms that the average user might actually be able to understand, as opposed to the previous one, which was an awkward morass of legal terminology.

According to the Facebook blog post about the new privacy policy, the move represents “a continuation of our ongoing effort to run Facebook in an open and trsnaprent way.” It’s admitted that the main goal of the revision to its privacy policy was to make it so that users would find the terms more accessible and easier to understand.

What’s perhaps most interesting about the change isn’t just that Facebook has become a more transparent service, but that not as many people commented on the change in policy than might have been expected. According to Facebook, the team spent the last week reviewing every comment made on the new policy, saying that the total number of people leaving comments didn’t exceed the threshold of 7,000 that Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities demands before there would need to be a vote held.

The Facebook blog post goes on to say that this isn’t the last change we’ll be seeing, noting that it plans to build on the progress it’s made so far and adding, as much a possible, screenshots of important pages and sections, as well as video tutorials.

It’s good to see Facebook, which has an awful lot of information on just about all of us, making an effort to reach out to its users and remain both honest and transparent. It’ll be interesting to see what else happens in its ongoing attempts to reach out to users, but for now there’s fairly little not to like.


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