Google Phone to Hit in Early 2010


Word is leaking out that the rumoured Google phone people had been talking about last week has started to become something very much more solid indeed, with some intimating that a debut could be just around the corner.

We're hoping Google's phone looks a lot nicer than this...

There are relatively few things for the moment that can be considered “absolutely confirmed” but according to the folks over at TechCrunch we can expect that Google is definitely building its own phone. Moreover, the original plan was that it would launch by the end of this year, though it’s since slipped back to the start of 2010.

Perhaps most interesting is that, while the phones will be produced by a company already in the business of putting together phones, it will be Google branded, rather than anything else. More interesting still is the fact that it seems Google is looking to dodge cellular carriers altogether when it starts selling the phone, meaning that the phone will likely be sold through normal retailers instead.

While that means that anyone looking to pick up a Google branded phone will be missing out on the usual subsidies that carriers drop in alongside hardware, it also means that networks won’t have their hands in your phone, which means that Google can essentially do whatever it wants with the innards of the device.

For those who haven’t already twigged, that could mean something as simple as sending pretty much every communication the phone needs via a data connection; that would make all calls VOIP calls… a delectable prospect indeed, a and one that many networks have been actively dodging for the past few years.

So, what we’re interested to see now is if Google can manage to get the whole thing together and make the phone something attractive without breaking the bank… and considering the lack of network involvement price is going to be a very significant factor indeed.

If anyone is interested in reading an awful lot more of the news and rumours about Google’s upcoming phone, you’d do well to read the TechCrunch article on it.


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