Intel Courting Game Developers for Netbooks


It seems as though Intel is pushing for some of its partners to start developing games with its Atom processor line in mind, specifically gearing the post towards netbooks.

Intel has posted to its Intel Software Network blog asking developers a fairly simple question, “Why develop games for Atom?” The blog post goes on to outline the fact that many developers feel that netbooks are already well served by any number of different “casual games,” built for PCs but that run just fine on the majority of Intel-based netbooks out there. Still, it seems that Intel is trying to push the netbook platform closer to something gamers can be happy with.

Intel lists a few things that anyone developing games for its Atom processors should probably consider while they’re in the planning stages. It says that games for netbook users should be quick and convenient, given the fact that most netbooks see a lot of travel and games should “accommodate gamers jumping in and out quickly.”

Similarly, it argues that games should be location aware, given the mobility factor involved. The UI should also be custom-built with smaller screens in mind. Then it gets into things like “Social play,” which involves allowing a game to publish updates to a user’s Twitter and Facebook account, which (in the words of one of our Twitter followers last night) “sounds like a good way to get yourself unfollowed.”

Aside from all the niggling details, it’s nice to see Intel embracing gaming on Atom based processors. It’s only more interesting when you consider what most non-casual games will do to the battery life of a netbook. Clearly Intel is one of those best placed to know just how users are approaching its devices, and pushing netbooks into gaming is a change of direction they could certainly benefit from.

If you’d like to read Intel’s blog post on gaming for netbooks, you can check it out at the Intel Software Network.


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