Microsoft Comments on Project Natal Rumours


Microsoft has done everything short of actually denying the rumours surrounding its upcoming motion controller, claiming that earlier supposedly leaked information is “not accurate.”

The previous rumours (which many are still classifying as leaks) had hinted at the launch details of Microsoft’s motion controller, indicating that the new device might well not see launch until fairly late in 2010, but than when it did launch it would cost something around the £50/€55 mark, which puts it not too far away from the price of an Xbox 360 controller. Now though, word comes from GamesIndustry that Microsoft officials have responded to those rumours, saying that,

“No. They weren’t accurate, they were rumours. I’ve got nothing more to say about it.”

This had provided a bit of a bump to the now fading hype built up at E3 surrounding Microsoft’s motion control setup, which had looked a very attractive prospect indeed at a relatively low cost of entry. Moreover, those looking forward to a low-cost motion controller for the Xbox 360 will likely be sorely disappointed.

For now, we’re curious to see what the folks at Microsoft do come out with. The fact is that Project Natal seems like a very complex way of approaching the issue of motion control for a console that isn’t, by default, motion sensitive. Sony’s own offering, in the form of a rod-like controller with an light-up orb at one end, seems as though it may very well end up costing roughly the same as a controller, it being essentially a controller itself.


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