OCZ Reveals 1TB SSD


OCZ has taken time to show off its latest solid state drive
(SSD), which ups the solid state storage ante, weighing in at fully 1TB of flash memory, though it’ll cost you an arm and a leg.

SSDs have long been capped at lower sizes due to the very simple combination of prohibitive cost and the fact that making something with that much storage out of flash memory is just a touch impractical. Still, now that OCZ has managed to smash its way up to the 1TB mark, it’s worth killing off the hopes and dreams of anyone looking to pick one up… it’ll set you back something in and around the princely sum of €2392.

We’ve talked before about using an SSD as the sole storage medium for a machine, and for anyone considering picking up OCZ’s aptly named Colossus 1TB drive, it’s worth pointing out that you’ll only see it in a 3.5” format, so it’s going to be in a desktop. Moreover, you’ll want to be installing Windows 7 on it, as opposed to XP or Vista, if only for the fact that Windows 7 is that bit better optimised for use on an SSD (it’s far less likely to kill more than €2000 worth of drive).

For those who aren’t put off by the fairly staggering cost, OCZ has claimed that the Colossus will read and write at 260MB/s and it’ll manage a sustained write at 220MB/s, which is impressive stuff given the sheer capacity involved. For those who for one reason or another don’t want to shell out for the 1TB model, OCZ will also be offering them at 120GB, 250GB and 500GB, we imagine all in the same 3.5” format.

Fore more information you can check out OCZ’s own page for the Colossus.


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One Response to “OCZ Reveals 1TB SSD”

  1. goku Says:

    with this kind of money, i can buy a sh car., that’s crazy

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