EA Closes Pandemic Studios


Gaming giant Electronic Arts has announced that it has shut down Pandemic studios, confirming suspicions that the company has been struggling to make ends meet.

Pandemic, for those who aren’t familiar, is the company behind some well like and respected games and series, including Full Spectrum Warrior, Destroy All Humans and Star Wars: Battlefront. Word comes from Kotaku that the closure of Pandemic Studios also included the loss of 200 jobs. What is perhaps saddest is that, despite the cut, Electronic Arts will continue to make games based on Pandemic licenses.

According to Kotaku, EA has been swift to make sure people know that it’s still to work on games from Pandemic series’, saying,

“In the months ahead, we will announce plans for new games based on Pandemic franchises … This type of change can be difficult. But the situation calls for us to act decisively, to take control of our destiny and run a stronger, more focused development operation. That’s how we will continue to make games in our LA studios.”

If the same sources that had warned this was coming before are accurate, then EA is to continue haemorrhaging staff from other high profile teams, including both Maxis and the Command & Conquer staff.

It’ll be interesting to see if these cuts manage to make EA into something different; an agile and quick game developer/publisher is something it’s long been the antithesis of. Moreover, if it keeps cutting high profile staff, it’s hard not to wonder just who will be making more games from these high-profile franchises?

If you’d like to read more about the current state of business at EA, you’d do well to check out the Kotaku article on all this hubbub.


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