Office 2010 Public Beta Opens


Microsoft’s public beta of its upcoming office suite, Office 2010, announced earlier this week, has finally launched, meaning that all and sundry can hit Microsoft’s page and download the new suite.

While Microsoft’s beta program had been assured to open late this week, it seems as though there were those users who just couldn’t wait to get their hands on a legitimate free build from Microsoft, opting instead to download a leaked beta build of the software from various file-sharing networks. For the moment, Microsoft hasn’t commented on the piracy issue, but we’d imagine it’s a relatively minor headache compared to a wide-scale Office 2010 beta being rolled out.

Anyone interested in getting their hand son a copy of Microsoft’s Office 2010 can do so by hitting the official page for it. The real question for many grabbing the software is just why Microsoft has moved towards such an open model for its new software, and we’d not be too surprised to hear that it has something to do with the phenomenal success of the Windows 7 public beta.

When we say “phenomenal success,” we don’t just mean in attracting a massive number of testers, but also in drumming up hype for the new OS long before launch… it’s something that Office could greatly benefit, with many asking the question (as they do before every Office launch), “What’s to stop me just installing OpenOffice.Org or Google’s suite of web apps?”

For those who are already using Office 2010, tell us what you think of it, we’re most curious to hear.

Update: For anyone interested, you can download the beta of Office 2010 here.


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