Product Spotlight – Netgear Stora


Good afternoon all, hopefully today has been a bit kinder to everyone than yesterday… though given the weather it’s likely been one drawn out tragedy. It’s like the beginning of Macbeth.

Click through to see our product page for the Netgear Stora 🙂

Anyway, griping about the football aside, for those who don’t often read the blog, once a week we like to do a Product Spotlight post, where the staff at get to make a recommendation on something we think doesn’t really get the hype it deserves. This week, that product is Netgear’s Stora, which is essentially a network attached storage (NAS) setup.

The strange thing about NAS is that, despite people buying mountains of capacity from us, in the form of 1TB externals as much as anything internal or USB powered, a lot of people really don’t seem to be aware that there are NAS devices out there that would often suit their needs better than a simple external drive.

In simplest terms, Netgear’s Stora is very much like an external enclosure into which you can throw two external drives. It then attaches directly to your network, showing the drives (or drive, if you just want to roll with one) as a network share, accessible to anyone you want to let onto your local network. That makes it ideal for anyone who might be considering picking up a nice big external to store their media on; there’s nothing like throwing everything onto an external to free up space, but still having ready access to it at all times as though it were plugged in whenever you’re in the house.

For those who already have an external drive they keep media on, the Stora has a USB port and mass storage support, so you can plug in an external and it’ll be available across the network too.

Moreover, for those looking for a reliable place to keep a backup, the Stora boasts RAID 1 support, so if you throw in two 1TB drives, you’ll get 1TB or failure-resistant storage. If one drive should fail, you can rest assured that the other one is fairly unlikely to go at the same time.

The Netgear Stora is marked down by 14% for this week, which puts it at €198. It also includes a 1TB Western Digital drive already installed, so you needn’t pick up another drive immediately unless you’re into the RAID 1 option. If you’re at all interested you can check out our product page for it here for more details.


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4 Responses to “Product Spotlight – Netgear Stora”

  1. Joe Murphy Says:

    I picked up a D-Link DNS-323 2-bay NAS from yourselves recently, and it’s another nice piece of kit.

    But are there any NAS boxes that come with wifi?

    • komplettie Says:

      Very few seem to, I know that Apple’s Time Capsule does (much as people ridicule me for paying for one, I own one of the things). It’s a solid device, and excellent if you need to back up, but it doesn’t offer the same kind of expandability or RAID options, sadly.

      I’ll have a look into wireless NAS options when I get back to work tomorrow and update if I can find anything 😉

  2. Alan Says:

    ohh. Yes please…

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