Sony has Big Hopes for LCD TVs


Sony has released a statement to the effect that it’s hoping to make its LCD TV business turn a profit in the next financial year, after seeing itself in particularly hard times this year.

This news comes just days after word came from Sony’s chief executive, Sir Howard Stringer, that the company wasn’t having the best of luck this year by any stretch of the imagination. Stringer’s word on the current economic situation in the electronics world was that, “There hasn’t been that turning point that so many had hoped for. We are waiting for a signal that hasn’t arrived.” Clearly, the whole business paints a fairly bleak picture of Sony’s current situation.

Now though, according to the BBC, there are some numbers floating around that tell us a lot more about Sony’s current position, and they’re effectively the numerical equivalent of what Stringer said earlier in the week. Apparently, last month Sony reported its fourth quarterly loss in a row, which is just about as negative as it gets.

Moreover, despite Stringer’s comments to the contrary, Sony’s loss has been in spite of a jump in shipments of LCDs globally to the tune of 38% between July and September of this year… clearly then, there has been something of a turning point, just nothing quite as big as Sony had been hoping for.

Perhaps most interesting s news that Sony is also looking to make its gaming division profitable by the same time, a process likely to be made more difficult by the introduction of the ailing PSP GO handheld, which has failed to move in quite the numbers Sony would have hoped, helped in no small part by the fact that it’s priced at the same point as an Xbox 360.


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