Spain to Make Broadband Access Legal Right


Spain has followed Finland’s lead in announcing that it is to make a 1Mbps broadband a “universal service” provided to all of its citizens at a reasonable price.

Not strictly relevant, but what an image...

According to the folks over at ArsTechnica, a “universal service” is a fairly common concept, designed to ensure that companies like, in this case, telecom networks are monetarily encouraged to see services extended to places where it might not necessarily make a decent return on investment in the name of providing a reasonable level of service to everyone. Naturally, making broadband a universal service will have some fairly hefty costs involved, and we’ll be curious to see how Spain manages it.

We’ll also be curious to see just how Spain starts rolling out its service, as well as just what kind of fine print we see when the details of the whole thing start to come to light. The easiest country to compare Spain to is, of course, Finland, but there are an awful lot of wiggle-words in Finland’s provision of 1Mbps broadband that make it seem a little shaky.

Finland’s own decision to make broadband access universal essentially says that every citizen should have a 1Mbps connection available to them, but doesn’t specify that that connection can’t be a cellular one, which could leave an awful lot of users out in the cold.

Still, it’s nice to see more countries starting to recognise internet access as something that many are stuck without, not because of any personal choice, but because of remote locations and sparse populations.

Now, if only Ireland would liven up a bit and do something similar 😦


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One Response to “Spain to Make Broadband Access Legal Right”

  1. Todor Says:

    if only there ware decent ISPs in Ireland …. sorry I was day dreaming :p

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