Ballmer Talks “Fantastic” Windows Sales


Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has been nothing short of effusive when it comes to discussion of Windows 7’s sales figures, though it’s worth noting that he’s also not been all that clear about just how many copies of Windows 7 the company has sold.

Handsome devil 😉

Word comes via The Wall Street Journal that Ballmer described the whole launch and reception for Microsoft’s latest entry to the operating system market as “fantastic,” but he’s been fairly careful to dodge the question of just how many copies Microsoft has actually, y’know, sold to people. The one indication we have is that Ballmer claims the company has sold “two times” as many copies of Windows 7 as any other copy of Windows in its first few weeks.

The Wall Street Journal is fairly quick to do a bit of interpolation, pointing out that the company managed to shift around 20 million copies of the various different flavours of Windows Vista in the month following its launch, so it seems as though 40 million copies of Windows 7 sold wouldn’t be overshooting the mark by any means.

Naturally, a fairly high proportion of Windows 7’s sales can be attributed to the lack of success and the sense general dissatisfaction surrounding Windows Vista. Many Vista users jumped at the chance to trade up into Windows 7 as soon as the opportunity was available to them. Moreover, since Windows Vista had been so poorly received, many users opted to stick with Windows XP, a now nine-year-old operating system… it seems like a bit of a perfect storm for Windows 7.

Ballmer’s excitability is by now fairly legendary though, so for now we should probably reserve judgement until we know just how well Microsoft has managed to sell Windows 7.


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