Google News Goes Mobile


Google’s news aggregator, the appropriately named Google News, is going mobile, with the latest iteration of the service will hit different devices in custom formats, specifically to get the most from the hardware.

Word of the new update comes from the Google Mobile Blog, which is fairly quick to point out that there are already some offerings of Google News with specific hardware in mind, including Blackberries, Windows Mobile devices and S60. Now though, Google has rounded out that line-up a little with new versions of Google News available for the iPhone, Android devices and Palm’s Pre smartphone.

The folks at Google detailed the new version saying that it “provides the same richness and personalisation on your phone as Google News provides on your desktop.” Going on to point out that the homepage should display more stories, sources and images than before, giving it a feel that should be something a lot closer to its desktop counterpart.

For now, it’s just nice to see Google News starting to make itself more available for different devices. It’s an incredibly useful service, and one we’re increasingly likely to see grow in popularity on mobile devices with the rise in more permissive options for data plans.

Hard not to wonder what the good Rupert Murdoch thinks of this news, much as he hates Google and Google News specifically.

For more detail, you can check out Google’s blog post about the new versions of Google news.


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