PS3 to Go 3D in Next Fiscal Year


Sony has revealed plans to add 3D functionality to its PlayStation 3 console by the end of the financial year 2010 (or the end of March 2011, in real money).

In a move seen very much as an attempt to keep up with Microsoft’s addition of social media options (in the form of Twitter and Facebook support) to it’s Xbox 360 console, Sony has this week added Facebook functionality to its PlayStation 3, but fans will likely be far more impressed by word that Sony’s 3D initiative is to include the PlayStation 3.

While there had been rumours and some fairly pronounced hints that Sony intended to bring the PS3 along for the ride when it started storming out with 3D content and displays, there had been no real confirmation until today. TomsHardware is carrying word that Sony’s push into 3D is now confirmed to include 3D thanks to a presentation given to investors in which the company discussed providing 3D-specific tools to developers working on the PS3.

So for now the big question is just how Sony is going to achieve the 3D effect with the PlayStation 3; it seems very likely that users will need to throw in their lot with a Sony display to really get the mileage out of it, especially considering the fact that Sony said earlier in the week that it very much hoped to make its LCD display division profitable within the next financial year.

Clearly, there are big things afoot at Sony, we’ll be curious to see how the rest of the industry responds to the company’s moves to get out there and be the driving force behind 3D before anyone else has a real 3D offering.


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